Testimonials: Satisfied Client Experiences

Here’s what several of Joe’s clients have to say about working with him:


"We were new arrivals to NH a few months ago and looked about for a CPA. After searching online, we chose Joe Twardy in Sunapee since he had great testimonials on his website. Joe provided an excellent experience and great results on both our federal and out-of-state taxes at a very reasonable cost. I especially appreciated his senior citizen discount!”

George & Sue Johanson, Sunapee, NH


"We have used Joe Twardy, CPA for the last 3 years. I do not hesitate to recommend him when asked. Our former CPA was never on time, and always had questions after we’d left his office. Joe has done our taxes with a level of professionalism and responsiveness that has been unmatched for us in the last 20 years.”

AB & TB – Tewksbury, MA


"Joe provides exceptional professional tax service with a strong personal touch. Until two years ago we had always done our own taxes, but a variety of circumstances made our process more complicated. We own rental property, purchased solar panels, did some independent contracting, completed some major home renovation projects, and moved some money out of a retirement account. It looked like we were going to owe a significant amount of money to the IRS, but Joe identified many ways to reduce it so we owed almost nothing. We thought it was magic – Joe assured us that it was knowledge and experience. Either way, we were thrilled and amazed! We will never do our own taxes again – Joe is our tax guy forever. If you are looking for a competent, reliable, knowledgeable, reputable, proven, tax professional, Joe is the real deal.”

J.C. and R.W.C., Lowell, MA


"Joe has been an incredibly welcome change after multiple CPA experiences. Not only did he assist us with our taxes for this year, ensuring his review covered what had occurred in years past, he has helped to ensure everything is set correctly in our accounting system for the future. He has a straight approach to processing taxes, is able to speak intelligently to why he implements the processes he has for QuickBooks, and is very fair with his fees even with the value he has provided. We look forward to working with Joe for many more years.”

H. and G. Halleck, Newport, NH

Self-Employed Property Maintenance

"Our staff at Lexington Symphony consists mainly of volunteers. Therefore having professional backup for financial issues and filings is extremely important for us. Joe Twardy has helped us for several years to assure and certify our timely preparation of both Federal and state filings. His special knowledge of nonprofit management is invaluable. When in doubt, we call Joe, and he always responds promptly and thoroughly.”

Barbara Hughey, Lexington, MA

Treasurer, Lexington Symphony

"Hands down Joe Twardy is the best CPA I have worked with; I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know. He is the Colombo of CPAs, looking into every nook and cranny to make sure you take advantage of every tax break available.”

K.D. Joslin


"The letter from the IRS made me feel sick to my stomach. The second letter made me call a professional tax accountant. Joe responded to the IRS, straightened out my errors, and made everything OK. From now on, my taxes will be done professionally.”

B.J., Lexington, MA


"We began working with Joe for the preparation of our family and business 2012 Year End taxes. I had known him through a local business group to which we both belonged. This contributed to my confidence in his ability and his trustworthiness. As we moved through the data collection process of our tax preparation it was clear that Joe had our best interests at heart. He was very thorough in his explanation of opportunities we had to optimize our deductions and maximize our refund. Joe also provided valuable suggestions about the tax management of our small business which relieved our year end tax stress and left us more time to focus on the business.”

Adam & Karen, Owner | MetroWest, MA

Owner, Our Pleasure 2 Help, LLC

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the accounting work Joe has done for the Daniele Agostino Derossi Foundation. In preparing DADF financial statements and tax returns, he always provides timely, precise, and complete instructions upfront regarding needed information. This saves me time. And, without fail, Joe provides clear and thorough responses to questions, and ensures that all reports are submitted on time. His fees are reasonable, and we especially appreciate the 25 percent discount he provides to nonprofit organizations. By helping us keep our administrative expenses low, more grant funds are available to carry out our mission. Thank you.”

David Pollack, Lexington, MA

Vice President and Treasurer, Daniele Agostino Derossi Foundation

"It's rare to meet a professional who is as detailed, thorough and thoughtful as Joe. Since we began working together, I have not only developed a far greater understanding of the myriad issues related to managing the financial health of my nonprofit organization, but I have also gained a stronger level of confidence and clearer vision through our always careful, and caring, conversations. Joe has been a critical leader for my team, and I am so very grateful for it.”

Mike Schell, Millis, MA

Executive Director, The Cannonball Foundation

"I highly recommend Joe. He is able to explain to his clients today's complex tax issues in a manner that is more understandable. His experience and knowledge with QuickBooks and the tax codes are impeccable. He provides his clients with a thorough review of their situation whether it is for a personal or a business account in a professional manner.”

NS, Sunapee, NH


"Joe has been our CPA for several years. He has an incredible eye for detail and never misses any information when putting our tax returns together. Joe discovered several errors in our prior returns, and filed amended returns that resulted in our receiving significant refunds. He also provides us with great advice on how to best utilize our assets so we can invest them wisely. Joe understands my business and our financial goals, and has helped us to develop the best strategy to maximize our net income. He keeps abreast of the latest IRS practices, and is extremely proactive on keeping us in the loop regarding any adjustments we may need to make.”

Stu & Betty Schlackman, Richardson, TX

Owner, Competitive Excellence, and AT&T executive (retired)

"Joe gave our nonprofit arts center the support we needed to take our bookkeeping in-house. He took the time to understand our operations and goals, then redesigned our chart of accounts to help us track our revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities more precisely. He also is a knowledgeable advocate when dealing with the IRS and other government agencies. Joe is easy to work with, and his willingness to educate us as well as provide professional services has been invaluable.”

Nancy Sofen, Lexington, MA

Business Manager, Munroe Center for the Arts

"We were introduced to Joe through our financial advisor. Joe met with us at our home and we hit it off right away. As a same sex couple, we were a little nervous at first, but Joe put us right at ease and we have enjoyed working with him for the last four years. I'm fairly organized with my documents, but it was really helpful that Joe told us exactly what we needed to provide to him to make tax season nightmare-free and pretty easy. Joe was very successful at maximizing our tax refunds, but extremely careful and thorough. At one point Joe needed to reference a previous year's return, and in doing so he discovered that our previous tax practitioner had failed to provide comprehensive service. He prepared and filed amended returns for the past several years, which resulted in our receiving several additional Federal and Mass. refunds. I know Joe keeps up on all the new tax regulations year by year, but he has also kept current on the impact of social issues, like same sex marriage. We have been able to file as a married couple in Massachusetts since 2004, but with recent changes to the Federal tax code vis-a-vis marriage equity, Joe has kept abreast of those changes as they affect us and all his clients. We highly recommend Joe Twardy.”

Steve Watson & Hugh Jones, Hanover, MA

"When in doubt, we call Joe, and he always responds promptly and thoroughly."

Barbara Hughey - Lexington, MA

"Joe has done our taxes with a level of professionalism and responsiveness that has been unmatched for us in the last 20 years."

AB & TB – Tewksbury, MA

"Joe provides clear and thorough responses to questions, and ensures that all reports are submitted on time."

David Pollack - Lexington, MA

"Hands down Joe Twardy is the best CPA I have worked with; I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.K.D. Joslin"

K.D. Joslin

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