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Health Insurance

To obtain private health insurance coverage for yourself and your family at a reasonable cost, you should consider plans that are offered by Health Services Administrators (HSA).

HSA is owned and operated by the Massachusetts Business Association (MBA). MBA is a member of National Financial Partners, the voice of small business in Massachusetts, and provides health insurance and employee benefits to more than 47,000 small businesses - and management technologies to brokers & partners. To learn more about MBA, please visit: http://www.mbagroup.com/mba.htm

HSA is New England’s largest benefits marketplace for small businesses, individuals, associations, and chambers of commerce. HSA specializes in providing health insurance to small businesses, the self-employed and individuals, and currently offers its services to clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

HSA offers a wide variety of health insurance plans that are comparable with those offered through the Massachusetts Health Connector. However, the monthly premiums are much lower.

MBA does charge an annual fee of $125 to participate in an HSA-sponsored plan, which is added to the first premium bill. The savings you will realize on their monthly premiums should easily cover the cost of this annual fee.

Health Services Administrators

To learn more, click on the HSA logo, then click on the Small Business or Individual & Family tab, whichever is more appropriate for you, and follow their instructions. 



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