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Services for Tax Consulting, Benefits Planning, Mergers, Financial Models and more.

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I constantly seek new ways to help my clients achieve a competitive edge, and thus maximize their potential. It takes a lot more that just preparing financial statements and tax returns to help clients build wealth and plan for their future. By working closely with attorneys, bankers and other professionals, I manage critical business situations to help clients solve complex problems, minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities in their market place.

As an outside advisor, I bring a fresh prospective and unbiased opinion to help my clients address a variety of critical business planning issues, including:

  • Budget design and evaluation
  • Capital equipment acquisitions, exchanges and disposals
  • Compensation and benefits planning
  • Constructing financial models and cash flow projections
  • Debt and equity financing alternatives
  • Developing effective business plans
  • Expense analysis and reduction
  • Expert witness testimony regarding accounting and/or tax issues
  • Merger, acquisition and divestment opportunities
  • Strategic planning to define direction and allocate resources
  • Succession planning



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