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Partnering with quality CPA firms, Bookkeepers, Bankers, Insurance Agents, etc.
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Trusted Professional Financial Practitioners

As a sole practitioner, it is virtually impossible to maintain expertise across every facet of a CPA’s responsibilities during the course of day-to-day business. I concentrate on providing advice and services that I know best to deliver the greatest value to my clients.

For advice and services that are beyond the scope of my expertise, I partner with professional practitioners and firms that I know and trust, and am happy to refer my clients to them, including:

  • Bankers and attorneys for whom reputation is paramount.
  • Bookkeepers who trust me to review their work, make appropriate year-end adjustments, issue their financial statements and prepare their tax returns.
  • CPA firms that provide quality, timely audit and attestation services.
  • Insurance agents who always keep my clients’ best interests above all else.
  • Wealth managers who trust me with their clients’ sophisticated tax issues.




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